I am a northerer, a Front-End developer, a musician, a cyclist and a father of one two living in a small not-so-sunny northern town near Sheffield, South Yorkshire (UK).

I graduated from Wakefield College in 2006 with an HND in Interactive Media. I've got 9 years experience in Front-End Development and spent 3 years working for an NMA Top 100 Interactive Agency in Technophobia.

I was lucky enough to be asked to teach Web Development to FdA students and I consulted for the University Centre Wakefield for 1 year.

I'm currently employed by Ledgard Jepson, a small but highly-skilled New Media agency in Tankersly, Sheffield. Where we do great work.

I specialise in building responsive HTML5 templates styled with the SASS (SCSS, Compass) framework to ensure best practices for accessibility (WCAG 2.0 ‘AA’ (Double A)) and standards are met. I build with a mobile-up philosophy with graceful degradation and progressive enhancement. Where needed I use Polyfills with the Modernizr Yep/Nope technique.

I can even build you a mobile app using PhoneGap if you'd like me too.

I have a working knowledge of integrating front-end templates into .NET and RoR applications, and recently started playing around with Node.js and the MEAN stack.

I've worked with clients such as: Green Flag, Pizza Express, South Yorkshire Police, Western Digital, NVidia, Microsoft, Best Western Hotels, Council for British Archaeology, Geographical Association and Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council.

I even passed my Cycling Proficiency and I've got my 100 meters swimming badge. Although I'm sure I can swim much further than that now. :-)