Moving Hosts

Goodbye Media Temple…

It was with great trepidation that I decided to close my Media Temple (MT) account. I've had my own little space on the Grid Server (GS) for nearly 10 years.

It's served its time. It's done its dues.

I signed up when I was just starting out as a 'Web Designer' and knew nothing about servers.

I never had a problem with MT or the GS. In fact it's been perfect. I used it to host client websites and email. Dabbled with Wordpress and Drupal. Even did basic system administration over the command line.

Its control panel was and always will be light-years ahead of CPanel. It has all the right controls, just where you'd expect them to be. It's a breeze to use.

In fact - I highly recommend them. The customer service has always been faultless, even when I managed to block myself out of my server. The MT guys and gals came to my rescue.

Over the last few years however I've felt that it's something bigger than I needed. I no longer hosted paid work on there, so couldn't really justify the $20 a month on hosting.

Since becoming a Front-End Developer in 2011 I spend a lot of my time in terminal, so I'm more comfortable with meddling on servers and staring at consoles. I also feel that to be a good Front End Dev means you have to play with emerging technologies and be on the bleeding edge, pushing the bundaries.

So, in the last six - twelve months or so I started to dabble with more and more with these new technologies and wanted something that was easy to spin up and destroy at will, with little cost or set-up involved.

This is where Digital Ocean come in…

…Hello Digital Ocean

It's pretty scary setting up a blank VPS, well, so I thought.

Digital Ocean make it so easy. You want a blank Ubuntu box? Check. Want a full MEAN stack? Check. It's a simple as clicking a few buttons.

Their control panel is sexy; their community is huge. I've been fiddling with an Ubuntu box for the last six months. Installing things, playing with things and destroying things.

And now, I've got this one, hosting my Ghost blog.

The only thing I needed if I was going to move away from MT was somewhere to host a few email accounts. This was easier than expected.

I Want My Name & Zoho Mail

Through my domain registrars I Want My Name, I was pointed towards Zoho Mail. Again, a few clicks here, provide some MX records there and email was up and running.

So you see, not as scary as I initially thought.

Moving forward

I'll document my ventures into MEAN stack development; provide tips and tricks on Front-End development. And hopefully, sooner rather than later, there will be a nice custom theme for this blog.

Hope to see you around.