I'm loving Sails.js at the moment. It's a great way for someone like myself to get knee deep in back-end development and to understand the MVC structure better whilst writing code in a front-end language. It's a breeze to use and set-up.

I had one major issue with it though, and that is it uses LESS as it's default CSS pre-processor. That doesn't cut it for me. I ditched LESS in favour of Sass a few years ago as I feel it has more functionality and functions more like a programming language.

So I set about removing LESS from the Sails and using Sass instead.

This is where SassySails came about. It does exactly what it says on the tin. It also incorporates a lot of the modular work me and Oliver Farrell have been working on.

If, like me, you prefer Sass over LESS. Give it a try, it's easy.


Install the latest stable release of Sails.js with the command-line tool:

sudo npm -g install sails  

Clone this repo:

git clone testProject  

Install the Node dependencies

cd testProject  
npm install  

Now lift the server:

sails lift  

At this point, if you visit (http://localhost:1337/) you will see the default home page.

N.B. This is in a usable state, but is still a work in progress. If you spot anything, feel free to log an issue, or make a pull request.